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You Learn to See Yourself Differently

It's not magic, but it happens. In time, without exactly realising how and when, you notice a shift in how you see yourself. Each counselling course, each exercise and each interaction with your colleagues combine to redefine the way you understand yourself. And one day, suddenly, you have an insight about your own patterns and …


First, You Learn to Listen

Three months into the Counselling Skills Level 2 Course and I am still excited about it. So excited that I've decided, while cleaning the stove, that I should revive this old blog (where I am not sure exactly what I was trying to do), and write about this journey towards, hopefully, becoming a decent counsellor. …

About this Derailment Thing

A few months after arriving in UK and searching for a job that I would not entirely hate, I realized my self-image started to shift. Who am I here, in this new country, among people who do not know me? The concept of derailment in psychology refers to the disconnection between your present and past …

Everything Went Wrong

You decide to emigrate. Your decision could be based on a number of reasons: you want a better job and a better life, you feel lost and stuck in your own country, you simply need a change of scenery and you have the means (or the despair) to do it internationally (as opposed to, you know, a weekend in the countryside). I must have been simply bored. Or depressed. Both, most probably.